DJ Joe Mfalme: Is it Fan Service or Sexual Harassment

DJ Joe Mfalme

A video has gone viral on Twitter showing DJ joe Mfalme looking uncomfortable when two women forced hugs and kisses to the point a security guard had to stop the females by taking them away from DJ Joe Mfalme.

In the video, it shows the DJ minding his business when women came and hugged him forcefully.

This left netizens wondering if this was right. Many say that this was sexual harassment and that society had double standards on the issue, as some pointed out that if it was a male doing this to a female it will be a completely different story and the male would face severe consequences for such actions.

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This incident also reminded people about how DJ Joe Mfalme was canceled from Home boyz radio together with the other radio presenters for making crude comments that encouraged gender-based violence while talking about a woman who was thrown from the 12th floor to the 9th floor of AmBank house after she rejected the sexual advances made by her boyfriend whom she met on Facebook.

The woman said they were drinking together on their first date when this happened.
They were discussing this topic on their morning show and the crude comments angered Kenyans.

“Do you think Kenyan women, whether they are dating or not, are too available, too lose, too willing, or too desperate, and is that the reason they get themselves in such situations?” Shaffie, one of the hosts asked.

The above statement caused them to be canceled and they issued statements apologizing for what they said on the radio station’s morning show.

DJ Joe Mflame
DJ Joe Mfalme File/COURTESY

However, since this video has been released the women in the video have not received any consequences for their actions.

Some Twitter Users acknowledged that what the women were doing was wrong and that it should not be tolerated and likewise, the women should apologize to DJ Joe Mfalme for their actions.

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