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Uhuru, Ruto Spent Ksh 10 Billion During 3-Month Transition

Ksh 10.78 Billion Was Spent During the Three Months of the Transition

According to the national treasury Ksh 10.78 billion was spent against the expected target of Ksh 5.77 billion when the transition of power took place in Kenya.


The 4th administration of the retired president exceeded the budget by Ksh 5.01 billion for three months.

Ksh 10.78 Billion Was Spent During the Three Months of the Transition

The treasury however did not disclose the reason behind the expenditure burst of the presidency, which supports the office of the president and the deputy president.

The expenditure almost doubled the expected target budget by the treasury.

The total cost of operating the government, including salaries, operations, and maintenance, was Ksh 573.29 billion, which was Ksh 57.03 billion over budget.

The provisional spending and budget review report for the first quarter of the current year ending June 2023, published by the Treasury, stated that “the excess expenditure in the recurrent category was mainly attributable to higher than targeted expenditures in operations and maintenance.”

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The operation and maintenance costs in the three months after the expenses hit Ksh 260.67 billion. This was Ksh 92.95 billion more than what was expected.

The exceeded expenditure has affected the current administration’s plans and expenditures as the country have reached its limit in the debt ceiling.

The ministries’ budget cut by the new administration will see the administration raise the Ksh 1.18 trillion recurrent budget for this fiscal year by at least Ksh 300 billion.

Ruto has been forced to postpone his agenda till when the country will regain its economic stability.

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