Things You Need to do that Guarantee a 5-star First Date


First dates are all about creating impressions that last a lifetime, all the while having fun and seeing where it goes from there.

If you happen to kiss on the first date and it all goes wrong, chances are, you will not get a second date. As crazy as it sounds, first dates are important overwhelming events; both exciting and anxiety plugins making them as memorable as possible.

Here are ways you can prepare yourself before going on a date:

It is everyone’s wish to have a memorable first date.

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  1. Carry extra cash!

You do not want to be out with someone you want to commit with in building a relationship then you allow careless ways to taint your impression by failing to pay the bill because you did not carry enough cash with you.

That is too embarrassing and trust me, that person will probably never want to go out with you, especially ladies.

Ladies, even though he asked you to go out with him and he said he will get that bill, just be safe financially. It doesn’t hurt.

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  • Be Realistic and Open-Minded.

Sometimes we get way ahead of ourselves with expectations. It is not wrong to expect to have fun with your date, however, keep in mind that they too are human.

Do not cancel because he did not come with a car, or because she is way too slow.  You are meeting a normal person, not wonder woman.

Do not have insane expectations of your date: You are meeting an ordinary person, not Roman Reigns
  • Go all out with your dressing

We are visual creatures by nature, meaning we are attracted to what we see first. Make sure you dress to impress.

Leave your date speechless and oh, and believe me that they will want to take you out again just to see what else you can do.

Even then, be sure to dress in what you are most comfortable in. Do not sacrifice style for comfort, especially if you can get both.

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  • Smell nice!

As bland as it looks, smelling good just stops the show. It accompanies your good looks.

Since we are aiming to impress, make sure that you leave your date wafting the air towards him because he cannot get enough of how good you smell.

They will be like, “you look good, but you smell even better” and there is no compliment as big as that. Just do it and say thank you later.

  • Be confident.

In order to leave a statement during and after your date, be as confident as you can. Exude grace and charm that will leave your date begging for more.

Confidence can be achieved by being real, charismatic and charming. However, do not overdo it by bragging about your successes and whatnot. Remember at all times, less is more.

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At the end of it all, keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the date is to enjoy yourself. So do not be uptight or have too much in your head about how you should or shouldn’t act. That will leave you frustrated and wishing you never went out in the first place.

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