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The Most Shocking Comments Made by Kenyan Politicians


Kenyan politicians have a knack for saying absurd and crude things out in public without the slightest bit of remorse, all this for the numbers.


Kenyan politicians are one interesting breed. They seem to like riling up the larger population, all for gaining popularity and numbers. However, some politicians have said very wanting things that have had them facing the full wrath of the law.

Moses Kuria has made headlines severally due to his crude remarks
  • There are so many things that can kill us, so why not add GMOs to that list?”

Although not in these very words, our very own Cabinet secretary for trade Moses Kuria is responsible for these utterings. He blatantly made these suggestive comments when he was addressing a crowd about GMOs, an issue that has caused controversy in the country.

  • Jitoe kwa makwapa ya Raila Odinga”

Referring to the then governor Ali Hassan Joho, the now CS for public service, honourable Aisha Jumwa made these remarks while she was addressing the residents of Nyali, Mombasa County. This was during one of the many campaigns of the Kenya Kwanza alliance at the coast region.

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  • Tutasafisha madoadoa”

The Madoadoa scandal was courtesy of no other than the current CS for agriculture, Mithika Linturi. He made this suggestive comment in his speech in the rift valley region earlier this year during one of the campaigns of Kenya Kwanza, where he said they aimed to clean Madoadoas in Eldoret, Nakuru, and the rift region as a whole. His Madoadoa remarks are said to have evoked memories of past episodes of pre- and post-election ethnic violence where certain communities were attacked for not supporting a candidate from the larger host community.

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  • Cussing out the Media and other short stories.

Moses Kuria made headlines again when he, called out the Media claiming that they manage to blame him for every national disaster in the country. These remarks were followed by an outburst on NTV’s political reporter Kennedy Mureithi as he went ahead and cussed him out, live on national television.

Waititu has faced the wrath of the law due to hate speech
  • We don’t want to see any Maasai in Kayole”

 Ferdinand Waititu must have been very pissed off when he said this. The former Kiambu governor made these remarks reacting to the killing of a street child, allegedly by a Maasai security guard for stealing a chicken in Nairobi’s Kayole suburb.

“We don’t want to see any Maasai here in Kayole,”

“And to all people who employed Maasai, to sack them with immediate effect.”

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Of course, he landed in hot soup after the former director of public prosecutions Keriako Tobiko ordered his arrest, especially since his remarks had the Maasai community out on the streets in raging demonstrations. Waititu apologized to the public, but if there is one thing about the internet, it is that it does not forget.

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