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2022 World Internet Conference Made a Showcase in China

China: The 2022 World Internet Forum commenced on Wednesday, November 9 at Wuzhen City in China.


The event presented modern Internet Technologies and hosted Industry insiders from across the world.

Giving full image, China’s 2022 Wuzhen Summit presented the latest Technological Advancements and Innovations in categorized fields including 5G networks and 6G networks, IPv6, high-performance chips, and digital twins.

Footage:The 2022 World Internet Conference Made a Showcase in China.


A report released by Blue Book for the World Internet Conference, compiled by the Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Studies-CACS, suggested that the Global Internet has been meandering for many years in the process of technology deliverance.

Photo/Courtesy (Delegates at China’s 2022 WIC).

“On a highly ranked, we have seen modern-technology breakthroughs, a wide range of application and penetration, and interdisciplinary innovation in different fields as well,” The Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Studies Li Yingxin said

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The important idea about cutting-edge technologies is the changes that are likely to bring to people’s life and social governance as well, Chinese President Xi Jinping noted the increasing role of online technology in all domains and the whole process of economic and social development as he congratulated the 2022 Wuzhen Summit.

Photo/Courtesy (The 2022 World International Conference in China).

Experts singled out the far-reaching impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the slow-moving recovery of the world economy, unbalanced development in the Internet sector has become increasingly prominent.

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“When typically talk about building community with a shared future in cyberspace, we seek to uphold world peace and also make active contributions to global Development. Through the World Internet Conference-WIC, we are not only promoting China’s position on this issue but also practising openness and cooperation.” The Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan said in a statement.

Photo/Courtesy ( During a World Internet Conference).

“We are just having seven years left to achieve the United Nations’ sustainable development goals which will depend so much on Information and Communication Technologies and the keywords will be collaboration, coordination, and cooperation.” Said Deputy Secretary-General Malcolm Johnson Itu.

The 2022 World International Conference-WIC has pledged to set up a platform for sharing Scientific, Technological, and Industrial application achievements in the Global Internet Industry.


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