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German car giant Audi investing billions of euros in China

China; The German auto giant Audi announced on Wednesday to start the construction of the first Neighbourhood Electronic Vehicle manufacturing base at Changchun in China.


 The Chairman of the Board of Management Audi AG, Markus Duesmann suggested that the construction of Audi’s Changchun plant is a notch higher for the company’s developments.

Footage (German car giant Audi investing billions of euros in China).


The Audi plant chose Changchun as the location for its new manufacturing due to having a modern infrastructure, which is also one of the largest auto manufacturing bases including First Automobile Works (FAW) Group.

Furthermore, Audi will cover an area of at least one hundred fifty (150) hectares, larger than Audi’s Neckarsulm factory in Germany after completion at the end of 2024.

Additionally, Audi invested 2.6 billion euros ($2.74 billion) in the plant and will designate the headquarters of Audi, First Automobile Works-FAW, Neighbourhood Electronic Vehicle-NEV Company, the first joint-venture company Limited in China that Audi holds most stocks right, at the plant.

Germany’s plant is expected to generate about three thousand (3,000) new job opportunities for the locals in the area with an annual output of over one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) NEVs.

The manufacturing lines and logistics will also utilize robots and automated guided vehicles to realize complete digitalization, which will be the first intelligent logistics solution used in the factory outside Europe.

On the other hand, Audi vowed to implement “Mission; Zero” in the plant by using green power in all production facilities, which will be generated by a photovoltaic module set on roofs, and a water recycling system.

China is typically Audi’s largest single market, hence, NEVs will take more share than petrol vehicles in China’s high-end auto market because of the country’s supportive policies, Audi predicted in the statement.

Also, the German automaker vowed to enhance its investment in China to fulfill its marketing strategies at large.

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