Sammy Boy addresses Gay Rumours after Explicit Videos were Leaked Online

Sammy Boy

Sammy Boy a well-renowned musician says that he regrets his past actions before he became a public figure in society. The main thing he mentioned regretting was making explicit videos for his former Facebook Fling who lived in the US seven years ago. These explicit videos made their way to the internet living Sammy Boy in a serious dilemma.

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In one of the videos, he was with a man which resulted in rumours that Sammy Boy was gay. He later revealed that the man that was on the video was his cousin and they never did anything suggesting that they were in a relationship.

Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy File/COURTESY

Sammy Boy explains that he was young and was doing this to gain some money in order to survive and provide for himself and also make it in life.

Sammy Boy revealed that he met a person on Facebook and thought that he was in love. The person promised Sammy Boy full support and also offered him to come to the U.S.A however, this luxury he was promised was not for free, hence he had to send the videos.

The Facebook fling did not keep their promise of supporting Sammy Boy to the latter.
Sammy Boy saw he was not benefitting from his Facebook fling hence he started doing a small business to keep him afloat. When he started becoming famous Facebook Fling came back and confronted him on why he was not sending the videos nor texting him anymore, Sammy Boy responded by saying he will not be doing the videos anymore.

As a result, Facebook Fling started threatening him to send them money. Facebook Fling started to send these videos to Sammy Boy’s close celebrity friends.

This is when Sammy Boy decided to take legal action, however, Facebook Fling sent the videos to more people specifically the media.
Sammy Boy urges people not to judge others for they do not know about their past.

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