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Bongo Artist Zuchu Disappointed in Her First US Tour


Tanzanian Bongo artist Zuchu felt let down and demotivated following her first American Tour. Her first show in the US did not turn out the way she wanted with far fewer people showing up than expected.


The Tanzanian hitmaker was so disappointed at that point that she even questioned her career path in music and pondered if it might be time to change course.

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“Recently I lost my energy towards my work, as I kept pondering why I chose this career, but moments like this zinanipa majibu ya kwamba, a few chosen ones hutolewa kama mfano ili ije Kua rahisi kwa wengine,” Zuchu wrote.


Although her first show did not go as expected, she assured herself that she will learn from this experience and improve her career.

Zuchu then gave Diamond Platnumz as an example to follow and he went through some failures and hardships before eventually finding success.

“Kina Simba wanawezaje jaribu well in their stories kuna A lot of failures Ndo pengine zinawafikisha Walipo I accept failure as a part of my success,” Zuchu added.

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She thanked her fans who showed up on the first show of her US tour, and she promised not to lose hope in learning from this failure but t instead use it as a stepping stone to her success.

Zuchu also said this experience has encouraged her to work harder, and do more in the future.

“Ila Namshukuru Kila Aliejitokeza Kwa ajili yangu I love y’all. As I’m crying and sobbing right now ila Hii Leo Imenipa Hasira ya kufanya zaidi.” Zuchu wrote.


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