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Red Light as Kenya Airways Pilots Give Striking Notice

Kenya Airways pilots under KALPA-the Kenya Airline Pilots Association are ready to go on strike from Saturday after the KQ failed to address their outlined demands.


The Association’s General Secretary Murithi Nyaga through a statement said that from 6.00 am East African Time, there will be no KQ aircraft flying from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport-JKIA.

Photo/Courtesy (Red light as Kenya Airways pilots give a striking notice).

Proving the matter, General Secretary indicated that the KQ management has not made any meaningful directives to engage them in order to solve the issues raised.

“On October 19 2022, the Associations, issued a fourteen (14)-day industrial action notice to the management of Kenya Airways, as the last resort in our way forward to seek better working conditions for our members and ensure that KQ is professionally managed well,” General Secretary Murithi Nyaga said.

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“The strike notice has since expired and we are therefore at liberty to exercise our right to withdraw our labour forthwith as enshrined in Article 41, labour 4 of the Kenyan constitution.” He added.

On the other hand, Kenya Airways Board had said earlier that none of the grievances advanced by the Kenya Airline Pilots Association merits an industrial strike.

In a statement, the board noted that KALPA’s demands have changed from grievances on the suspension of the Provident Fund, the Initio Loan fund, Annual Leave, and other issues to gear up the demands for the resignation of the Management team, particularly the Chief Executive Officer-Allan Kilavuka.

“The Board narrates that the industrial action is unnecessary at this point as it will delay and disrupt the financial and operational recovery, causing reputational damage to Kenya Airways,” the quoted statement which was signed by KQ Board Chair Michael Joseph.

Kenya’s carrier also noted that the negative impact of the strike would also affect thousands of employees and the vast ecosystem which the airline support at large.

Meanwhile, the KQ Board underscored its full support and confidence in Kilavuka and the management as well as in handling the matters at hand and the Company.

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“Giving a satisfactory direction, the Board also remains committed to supporting Management to make good on the promises made during the Covid-19 pandemic as the Company’s financial performance improves,” KQ Board Chair Michael Joseph Joseph said.

In a press briefing held yesterday, Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) said it will call off the strike if its grievances are greatly addressed.

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