I will increase salaries for all Government Servants, Aisha Jumwa

Nairobi, Kenya; Cabinet Secretary for Gender and Public Service Aisha Jumwa On Monday, October 31, 2022, said in a statement that she will increase the civil servant’s salaries within 100 days after she assumed office last month.

Photo/Courtesy (I will increase salaries for all Government Employees, Aisha Jumwa said in Nairobi, Kenya ).

Making progress, Jumwa explained more about her decision simply was informed by the demoralization felt across the government.

“Notably, Civil servants are demoralized a lot, and we don’t want to demoralize their suffering’’, CS for Gender and Public Service said in a statement.

“For a finer methodology, the Kenya Kwanza regime will simply revamp civil servant’s morale by increasing their salaries as soon as possible,” Aisha Jumwa explained in detail.

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Furthermore, the Cabinet Secretary added that a committee was set to look into the matter, hence the outcome will address the strategy formulation to President William Ruto.

Given the outlined measurements, I personally went through the experience of struggles, hence growing up in a poverty-ridden childhood, the CS stated that many of the workers struggled with basic needs which include paying school fees and rent on their current payroll.

“I am smartly a mother and a leader as well.  Passing in the process is tough and I know the majority of public servants are grappling to pay school fees for their children, pay rent and feed their families’’, Jumwa said.

On the other hand, the CS also promised to extend the working hours of Huduma Centres, urging that the service was crucial to many Kenyans.

If the outlined mission is successful, Huduma Centres gates and doors will remain open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm East African Time from the current nine-hour working days of between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The newly sworn-in Cabinet Secretary magnificently simply promised to work hand in hand with the Kenya Kwanza Government in order to deliver services according to the economic agenda.

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