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Qatar’s Spectacular Stadiums Built by Blood, Sweat and Pain of Migrant Workers

Qatar, the host of Fifa World Cup 2022, a destination renowned for its spectacular and monumental architecture, ranging from the eye catching Skyscrapers, Hotels and the striking Football Stadiums.


Hosting World Cup is a phenomenal event, a privilege to bring diversity together at the same time to experience the world most celebrated sport, football.

However, the Sweat, Pain and tears behind the scorching harsh desert sun, the hard labour and the drive for a better life that keeps the migrant workers pushing harder through the most unbearable conditions in this eminent City, is heroic.

The breath-taking Stadiums hosting the Fifa World Cup 2022, is built on the atrocious experiences that migrant workers have succumbed to and the lucky ones barely survived.

Sujan mia, from Bangladesh, one among the thousands of Migrant workers, succumbed mysteriously in 2019 after he left his mother and sister in search for greener pastures only to land on the fangs of the Qatari harsh systemic abuse of migrant workers.

Most young migrants from poor countries fall for the convincing promises told by the migration agents, who end up abandoning them in the hands of their brutal employers.

According to the Guardian, a record of 6,500 migrant workers died while at work in Qatar, since winning of World Cup 2022 host, reports have built up on Workers exploitation, poor living conditions and Migrant worker deaths on construction sites.

Sujan Mia and many other unnamed workers died as they were braving the heat to feed their families and make Billions for an oppressive government of Qatar.

This small gulf state relies on migrant labour for its workforce, despite pledging a labour reform in 2017 to, a commitment to the international labour organization, Adoption of minimum wage for migrant workers and a system of monitoring labour practices, which were welcomed by the Fifa President Gianni Infantino.

According to Equidem, a Human Rights Organisation, reports that the reforms were just surface deep and did not imply, as explained by the CEO of Equidem, Mustafa Qadri.

“We interviewed nearly a thousand migrant workers over a period of 18 months, and its a clear picture that workers were subjected to most labour practices, and the bigger companies in those projects actively hid the atrocities done to the workers, it is clear that this Tournament is built on the back of slaved migrant workers.” Mustafa Qadri noted.

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Malcolm Bidali, Kenyan, and founder of ‘Migrant Defenders’ who worked as a security Guard in Qatar and was convicted by Qatar government for questioning the living conditions of the workers, now back in Kenya as a whistle blower and an activist for human rights.

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