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Parliament to Debate GMO Maize Import As First Shipment Arrives

Parliament to debate over maize import as the first shipment arrives.

The debate over a petition to halt the planned importation of 10 million bags of GMO maize will cause members of parliament to interrupt their regular business today.


Speaker Moses Wetang’ula was requested by Pokot South MP, David Pkosing, to halt regular business and allow for debate in attempts to safeguard farmers’ incomes, which will pave the way for a further uptick in inflation.

Parliament to debate over  GMO maize import as the first shipment arrives.
CS trade Moses Kuria

GMO maize is expected to help the country in the current drought and reduced harvest in the country.

Concerns that it may lower maize prices and harm farmers, particularly in the Rift Valley grain basket, the petition asks that the import be stopped.

“I have petitioned Parliament to suspend business tomorrow (this afternoon) so that we stop any form of maize imports whether GMO or non-GMO until all maize that our farmers are harvesting is mopped up by the government,” Mr. Pkosing said.

Parliament to debate over GMO maize import as the first shipment arrives.
MP Pokot South David Pkosing

This just comes as the first consignment of imported has arrived at the port of Mombasa with 10,000 tonnes of maize.

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Farmers from the North rift and the south rift region are currently selling maize at Ksh4700 to Ksh5600 and the harvest season of the long rains is still on.

The GMO imports are made to make prices of Flour reduce from the current Ksh 190 per 2 Kilogram.

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The trade minister announced the move by the government last week and it has seen much critics from political leaders.

The country is currently facing a great drought and food deficit and the government is trying to manage it.

President William Ruto lifted the ban on GMO maize when he ascended into power.

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