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Nameless angry at fun who told him to grow up


David Mathenge, better known as Nameless, is a Kenyan musician and the husband to Wahu Kagwi gets mad at a fan who tells him to grow up.


Nairobi gossip club took their Instagram stories page a few minutes ago and posted a conversation between Nameless and one of his fans.

According to the post, Nameless has breathed fire at fans who have asked him to mature.

Nameless attacked by fan on social media

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According to the post, a fan told him,

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” What is up with him, toa that rug from your head. When will you ever mature. You are not growing younger. Every photo ,,, ni kofia ama rug. Act at your age bwana.”

Nameless appears to be unhappy, and he responded by saying,

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“Every photo ni kofia ama rug. Act at your age bwana.” According to the post, a fan told him,

” Maturity is not measured by age or the things you were but by growth in your wisdom and self awareness…you should know by now in my head gear and shades is just the Nameless brand identity… Ongeza wisdom so that you realize some things quickly also go and check on your self awareness, it seems a little low. ..Grow it itakusaidia in making critical life decision.. Tuzidi bro”


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