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Vasectomy: Myths and Misconceptions


Men are being advised to take up vasectomy as a method of contraception, having been proven to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancies.

Vasectomy makes sex better, since you focus more on your partner than on trying not to make babies

 Vasectomy is an elective surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes, and is one of the most effective methods of contraception that exists – the failure rate is approximately 1 man in 2000.

Even with half a million vasectomies being carried out around the world every year, there are so many myths surrounding this birth control procedure in men that need clarification.

  • Decreased sexual drive

Rumor has it that vasectomy will cause a man to have a lower sex drive or none at all. This is just but a myth. Carrying out vasectomy does not affect a man’s sexual urges, drive, or libido so you don’t have to worry about that while considering this process.

  • Damage to sex organs

Even though this could be the most effective method of family planning, many men are scared that the process is damaging to their male anatomy. Here’s some good news for you, it doesn’t! the procedure is safe and non-invasive. You can trust as a man that you will still be intact when you come out of the surgery room.

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  • Ejaculation won’t be the same

It is a fear among men that they may not get to climax once they have ‘snipped it’ or that orgasm will be different. However, there is no such thing. Vasectomy does not affect ejaculation in any way so the semen stays looking, feeling, and tasting the same.

  • Vasectomy prevents STDs

This is a lie. Sexually transmitted diseases can still be transmittable even after you get a vasectomy. The only way to prevent such infections is to get tested and treated, or better yet, roll it before you dip it!

Vasectomy doesn’t prevent you from getting STDs. Take caution before you find yourself on a hospital bed over something that could have been avoided
  • Vasectomy makes sex less enjoyable

Newsflash! Vasectomy has nothing to do with how good or irritated you feel while you are doing the naughty.

Whether you enjoy yourself during sex or not is entirely dependent on you and your partner. If anything, vasectomy makes sex better because you focus on your partner more than you focus on not trying to make babies.

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Vasectomy is a very safe method of birth control. It is round the clock pregnancy prevention method, like a get it and forget it kind of technique.

So if you are considering vasectomy as an alternative, go for it. Just keep in mind that it should be a decision made while you are self-aware, and not based on peer pressure from family, friends or even a partner.


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