Kenya Airways Partially Resumes Flying after a Pilot Strike

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways resumes flights to specific routes amidst Pilots’ strikes in Kenya, the strike resulted from delays in addressing the Pilot’s primary demands.

The national airline, Kenya Airways, has announced the resumption of flights to six routes in notice after delays caused by a pilot strike that began on Saturday.

Kenya Airways
Kenya Airline Pilots strike due to delay in Payment.

“Kenya airways would like to confirm that the following flights are scheduled for today. The flights will cater for passengers who are already booked to travel,” the statement read.

“The routes include Nairobi – Entebbe (KQ 420) at 12:45 PM, Entebbe- Nairobi (KQ 421) at 14:45 PM Nairobi- Mombasa (KQ 606) at 13:30 PM and  Mombasa- Nairobi ( KQ 607) at 15:30 PM.

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“Others are Nairobi – Lusaka ( KQ 706 ) at 17:00 PM and Nairobi – Lusaka ( KQ 707 ) at 20:20 PM A help desk has been set up at JKIA, Terminal 1A to assist passengers.” The statement indicated.

The airline has not yet announced the resumption of flights to other routes.

On Saturday, the airline left thousands of travellers stranded at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, with many passengers complaining of the sudden inconvenience they did not expect.

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According to the Kenya Airline Pilots Association, the pilots went on strike as their primary demands were not addressed, including the replacement of the Kenya Airways board owing to leadership issues, the execution of salary agreements, and the non-payment of monthly pension payments for employees.

Kenya Airways CEO Allan Kilavuka had given the pilots 24 hours to return to work and put an end to a strike that could lose millions of shillings in revenue for the country.

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