Imo Unusual: Black Panther’s Premier Outfit Review Backfires

Imo unusual

Content Creator Imo Unusual attracted attention for all the wrong reasons when she posted a video of herself reviewing the outfits Kenyan influencers and celebrities wore to the Wakanda Forever premiere.

Some did not like the way Imo Unusual reviewed other celebrity’s outfits and were particularly uncomfortable with how she was describing certain celebrities who according to her, were not up to par in terms of fashion.

Nameless was one of the celebrities Imo Unusual reviewed. Nameless wore a black Durag a blue overcoat and a pair of black trousers matching it with a black shirt and shoes. Many of Nameless fans praised his outfit they commended him for also bringing his first-born daughter Tumiso who wore a beautiful black dress twinning with his father. Imo Unusual criticized their outfits saying that he looked like a robber and that if she saw him she would run.

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“Nameless you look like these people that are robbing people because if I saw you I personally would run,” She said in her TikTok Video.

Netizens were mad when she described Nameless outfit in such a manner and saw fit to defend the Kenyan music legend.

Terrence and Milly Chebby
The beautiful couple wore a modified Kikuyu Traditional attire. Milly Chebby wore a long brown dress with white beads on her waist and Terrence wore a long brown cloth with white beads covering his neck and head. Terrence also had his left arm painted white to match his beard. Imo Unusual said that they looked like Witch Doctors from a Nollywood movie.

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Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia wore a pink dress to the Black Panther premiere. Imo Unusual mentioned her and said that she looked like she was going to a baby shower and she already knew the gender of the unborn baby. Imo Unusual then proceeded to say that she was not going for a Black Panther premiere but for Pink Panther.

“When I talk to you people are going to say I’m mean but this is like going to a baby shower where she already knew the gender of the kid… She wasn’t going for Black Panther she was clearly going for Pink Panther” She said

Imo Unusual did praise the outfits of some celebrities like Chimano from Sauti Sol and Kate the Actress. On the video posted on her Tik Tok page, the comment section has people bashing and criticizing her. On the TikTok platform, people stitched her video and called her out for her mistake.

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