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Factory Fire in Central China Kills 38- State Media


Beijing: At least thirty-eight (38) people have been reported dead in a factory fire outbreak in the Chinese city of Anyang, State Media reported.


The fire broke out at a company dealing in chemicals and other industrial goods in a district of Anyang city, in central China.

Photo/Courtesy:[Factory Fire in Central China Kills 38- State Media]-Information source combination of;Agence France-Presse-AFP, Associated Press-AP, and Reuters.

The fire broke out in the central Henan Province at about 4.30 pm China’s Local Time on Monday and it took firefighters about three and half hours to handle the blaze at the premises of Kaixinda Trading Co under control, the Local Wenfang district Government stated.

After the alarm signal, the Municipal fire rescue Detachment immediately released emergency forces to the scene, the State broadcaster CCTV reported.

Photo/Courtesy:The emergency team earlier working to put off fire at the scene.

No details have yet been given out or outlined about the cause of the fire or how so many employees were killed on the spot.

Giving a factual image, online listings for Kaixinda said in a statement that it was a wholesaler dealing in a wide range of Industrial goods including what was described as specialized Chemicals.

 “Municipal Administration, Emergency response, Power Supply Units, and Public security rushed to the location at the same time to perform emergency handling and rescue work,” it said.

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Authorities on the other hand said that the Criminal suspect had been taken into custody in connection with the fire outbreak leading to the death of at least thirty-eight people, but did not clarify or provide further information.


Figuring out, Industrial accidents are simply common in China due to weak safety techniques and corruption among the officials tasked with enforcing them.

In 2021, a gas blast left twenty-five (25) people dead and reduced several buildings to rubble in the central City of Shiyan.

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In March 2019, a deadly explosion at a Chemical factory in Yancheng located 260 Kilometre (161 miles) from Shanghai, killed seventy-eight (78) people and devastated homes in.

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