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Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Kills 4 Soldiers, Injuring one


Syria: Four Syrian soldiers have been killed and one injured by Israeli airstrikes in military posts in the Western and Eastern regions of Syria, the Syrian State News Agency (SANA) reported.


At around 6:30 am (03:30 GMT) on Saturday, the Israeli jets flying over the Mediterranean Sea targeted military posts in Central and Coastal Syria, according to a news report, which cited a military source.

Photo/Courtesy:[Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Kills 4 Soldiers, Injuring one]-Information Source;Aljazeera.

The air raids were simply aimed at Pro-Iranian groups in Homs and Hama provinces, a war monitor in Syria said in a statement.

Showing military capabilities, an Israeli Air Force F-15I Fighter Jet releases flares over the Mediterranean Sea during an Aerial show as part of the Celebrations for Israel’s Independence Day marking the 70th Anniversary of the creation of the State, in Tel Aviv, Israel Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the air raids were aimed at the Pro-Iranian Group.


Giving evidence, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based war monitor, said in a statement that the attacks were typically aimed at Pro-Iranian Groups in the provinces of Hama and Homs. Thus, hitting weapons and Ammunition Sites.

Additionally, the Syrian Observatory also said that Israeli forces targeted a Syrian Air Defence Battery in Latakia Province.

Figuring out, Israeli has carried out hundreds of Strikes on targets inside Government-controlled parts of Syria in recent years, but rarely acknowledges or discusses the operations.


However, Israel has acknowledged that it targets the bases of Iran-allied Fighters, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has backed the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad’s Forces by sending in thousands of Fighters.

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The military battle war in Syria started in 2011 after the Government responded violently to the country’s protest movement. Whereby hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and half the country’s Pre-war Population of twenty-three (23) million have been displaced.

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