Details as Cristiano Ronaldo Relives Trauma, Talking to Deceased Son and Father

Cristiano Ronaldo

British Journalist Piers Morgan’s interview with Cristiano Ronaldo revealed more about the Manchester United striker and the challenges in life and his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo, in Piers Morgan’s TalkTv Interview, spoke about the death of one of his twins named Angél, who died during birth, but his twin daughter Bella survived. 

After his daughter was admitted to the hospital with bronchitis in July, Cristiano Ronaldo missed Manchester United’s trip to Thailand and Australia.

In previous clips, the Portuguese star heavily criticized Manchester United, leading to mixed reactions. He has faced backlash from all fronts and, according to Metro, could lose his spot in United Manager Erik Ten Hag’s squad.

On Monday, Manchester United issued a statement saying they would seek the ‘full facts’ before a decision on Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their children (Photo: Instagram)
Cristiano Ronaldo with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their children (Photo: Instagram)

A new excerpt from the Interview with Piers Morgan has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo experienced ‘mixed feelings’ about the death of his son. He also revealed talking to his deceased father as well as his son, “I talk to them all the time and they are by my side. It helps me to be a better person, a better father. I’m proud of that, of the message they send me, especially my son.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo added,

“Sometimes, I try to explain to my family and closest friends that I never felt happy and sad at the same time. It’s hard to explain. You don’t know if you’re going to cry or smile, because it’s something you don’t know how to react to”.

“It’s a difficult time, because we didn’t understand why this was happening to us. It was difficult. To be honest, it was complicated to understand what was happening at that moment. Football doesn’t stop, we had a lot of competitions. But that… It was the most difficult moment we have suffered, especially Gio. It was hard.”

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