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At Least 21 People Dead in Jabalia Refugee Camp Fire


Gaza: At least twenty one people including ten children have been killed by a Fire in a building in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.


A firefighter rescue team extinguish flames in the apartment ravaged by fire, on November 17, 2022, in order to save people’s lives.

Palestinian firefighters extinguish flames in an apartment ravaged by fire in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza strip, on November 17, 2022: Photo/Courtesy-Information Source:BBC News.

The Director of Emergency Salah Abu Laila Services at the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza, described the fire as huge, with video footage on social media showing the entire building engulfed in flames.

Figuring out the matter, the number of deaths at Jabalia refugee camp following a deadly fire outbreak which has been under control is likely to rise, Abu Laila said in a statement.

Photo/Courtesy: At Least 21People Dead in Jabalia Refugee Camp Fire.

Clarifying the incident, a local security official told the Media that an initial investigation suggested that there was a gas leak from the Kitchen side.

At the scene, an eyewitness told the Press: “It is very difficult, children and women burning without the possibility of saving them.”

Palestinian Head of State Mahmoud Abbas recommended the situation as a National Disaster and with immediate effect announced a day of mourning on early Friday.

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On the other hand, fires often caused by candles have become a regular happening in Gaza because of severe power shortages. These are linked to the blockade imposed on the territory by Israel and Egypt as a security measure against militants.

On the other hand, Defence Minister of Israel Benny Gantz tweeted that his Staff will give a helping hand with humanitarian evacuations of the injured to Israeli Hospitals.

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