Aq9ine: Daring Tik Tok Content Creator Sets His Manhood on Fire


Aq9ine, a famous content creator on TikTok and Instagram surprised his fans and followers after he posted a video of himself setting his manhood on fire.

He posted this video under the caption “Sheve yo bollz like a pro… Be a man.”

Most of Aq9ine’s followers and fans were amused with this type of content and found it funny. However, others thought that he was endangering his life and that of his future children with this extreme action.

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Aq9ine is known for his extreme and unique acts in order to create entertaining content that his fans and followers can watch. The content creator cooks all kinds of weird combinations of food and posts the strange recipes and Mathogothanio on both Tik Tok and Instagram. From mixing tea and bread in one Sufuria to making bat meat.

Aq9ine File/COURTESY

The most surprising thing about this is that he actually eats what he makes. Many of his fans love his content and look forward to his videos.

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During an interview with Presenter Ali, he revealed that the bat meat that he ate during the making of the video made him ill for days. He revealed that he had various symptoms like having a running nose and coughing. Aq9ine did not seek medical attention he said that he self-medicated.

“After siku nne After kukula bat nilipatangwa na kihoma a running nose for about six hours na in those six hours nilikuwa nimekunywa dawa nne tofauti hakuna yenye inanisaidia usiku nimeenda kejani nikaanza kukuhoa… Nikasema it is what it is, na mimi siendangi hospitali nachukia hospitali mbaya juu naeza enda nikakufie hosi,” he told Ali.

Aq9ine content is associated with comrade life and his main goal in making this type of content is to make people laugh and fill them with joy. He always likes doing the unexpected, he started his comedy skits when he was in form two.

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