Accord University holds ISIC 2022 IT Bootcamp in Amsterdam


International Student Identity Card (ISIC) held the 2022 IT bilateral Bootcamp in Hyatt Place Amsterdam, led by Information Technology Manager Radek Klein.


November 1, marked the second day of the 3-day event slated to run from October 31 to November 2.

Accord University associate ISIC holds IT Bootcamp in Amsterdam.

Accord University has now opened the 2nd round of the 2022 ISIC Boot Camp registration, to encourage more international students to take part in training revolving around IT.

The 2022 IT Boot Camp is modified for associates from all related fields with a quest for deeper insight into areas such as co-branding, card design, operational matters, card order, benefits, communications, ISIC App as well as general IT support.

The ISIC Information Technology Manager Radek Klein posted about the event on Accord university’s Twitter handle, quoting the venue and event date.

This non-profit organization, which is part of Accord University is behind the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which serves as the only internationally accepted proof of bonafide student status.

ISIC was first established in 1953 by students, aiming to offer opportunities to every student globally, regardless of Nationality, Race, or Religion from over 130 countries.

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The ISIC card is given to students from all over the world, to allow students to claim their status around the world.

The second day of the ISIC IT Bootcamp.

ISIC as a unique identifier has targeted access to privileged travel opportunities, negotiated services, discounts, and student experience, as it is cost-effective.

ISIC, an associate of Accord University is targeting to improve intercultural understanding, by offering more educational opportunities, and a smooth student experience across the world.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has endorsed the ISIC card for over 50 years now.

The organization has been approved by national governments, ministries of education and tourism, student organizations, and universities around the world.


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