Self-defense training to curb sexual violence attracts 100 girls in Kibera, Nairobi

Sexual violence; Self-defense training was on Saturday, October 22, 2022, introduced in Kibra Nairobi county, hence attracting one hundred girls.

Photo/Courtesy (Self-defense training to curb sexual violence attracts 100 girls in Kibera, Nairobi).

The sexual violence training typically was outlined to protect women and single out their risks and evaluate their strengths.

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Self-defense training was significantly offered by Freely in Hope in partnership with Ujamaa Africa supported by Impact Beyond Borders in order to strengthen women’s needs and overcome sexual violence.

 Figuring out key formulated points, girls were simply taught how to verbally respond to potential sexual threats and resist areas identified as causing the violence.

Strengthening girl-child love, the idea comes even as a crime against women in Kibera is increasing every day, with the number of cases of rape, and molestation on the rise.

“The training will decrease rape cases by at least 47 percent”, says Trizah Gakwa director- Of freely in Hope’s Strategic Growth.

“The training will significantly empower girls and women to use their voices, and increase their body confidence as they use defense mechanisms from sexual and physical abuse,” she said in a statement.

A one-day interactive course educates girls on various techniques to protect themselves. Also, It is designed to help women and girls to identify their risks and evaluate their strengths.

Girls learned different technics including verbal responses to potential sexual threats, striking hash areas, escaping from chokeholds, and body grabs.

“Teaching self-defense will equip women with knowledge to identify and prevent violence from occurring to themselves and other women in the area also promoting,” said Chiraphone Khamphouvong the Founder and Visionary Developer, of Impact Beyond Borders.

In addition, approximately 250,000 people live in Kibera, hence the living conditions are harsh resulting in the outbreak of crimes in the area.

According to the key study done by the University of Nairobi study shows 56 percent of 13 to 18-year-old girls in Kibera faced sexual abuse.

Furthermore, the study also indicates that only 12 percent of the sexual abuse victims actually reported their abuse.

“The Perpetrators are simply relatives; this is why they fear speaking loud about the matter. Over 90 percent of the girls logically state that man’s right is sex which is incorrect,” Nahima Abdullahi, Ujamaa Africa’s Nairobi County Programme Coordinator clarified the issue.

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