Safaricom advances to 5G Network in Kenya

5G Network; Kenya’s largest telecommunications company has launched a 5G network which will allow customers to enjoy the fastest speed.

Safaricom finally launches 5G network in Kenya.

The 5G Network launch came a day after it unveiled a new service to help keep customers’ SIM cards in active use by the owners.

Peter Ndegwa unveiled the Home 5G Wi-Fi product targeting esteemed customers who do not reach out to home fiber.

Furthermore, Safaricom stated that the 5G network will greatly change the lives of Kenyans in the comfort of their homes.

At a highly ranked position, Safaricom tweeted “Experience the fastest speeds and the most reliable connection ever only on Safaricom 5G network.

However, the report indicates that the 5G network is10 times faster than the 4G network.

On a smart note, Safaricom-Nokia managing director Remy Hashem praised the network’s upgrade to a higher notch level.

On the other hand, whether you are at home, in a mall, or outdoors you will have a consistent service of the 5G, Hashem clarified.

The network will also be available for businesses with speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

5G network router costs KSh25,000 in order to set it up one will part with KSh5,000.

After the installation process, customers can on the other hand choose different packages to fit their preferred needs.

The categories range from KSh3,500 for the basic package to KSh15,000 for the extra one. Thus, the basic package comes with 10 Mbps, while the extra offers 100 Mbps.

Safaricom said that the service dubbed Daima which will allow subscribers to top up their lines in three packages ranging from KSh200, KSh500 to KSh1,000.

Finally, Customers wishing to keep their lines for up to six months will have to pay up to KSh200, one year will cost KSh500, and KSh1,000 will keep it active for two years.

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