High Court orders CS Aisha Jumwa to surrender her passport before mention of her murder case

Aisha Jumwa

Mombasa High Court has issued tough demands to the Public Service and Gender Affirmative Action Cabinet Secretary, Aisha Jumwa to deposit her passport before her case involving murder mentioned in Court.

The court is holding Jumwa’s neck as it pursues her in regard to the 2019 Ganda Ward by-election campaign murder of ODM supporter Ngumbao Jola.

Jumwa was requested to surrender her passport to the High Court on the mentioned day November 30th.

The passport deposition orders reached in her absentia as she had to ‘hang around State House owing to her appointment as a Cabinet Secretary’ according to her lawyer.

Aisha Jumwa
Public Secretary CS nominee Aisha Jumwa and Co-accused Geoffrey Otieno

Aisha Jumwa and her lawyer’s move was faced with a setback due to the delay in the submission of the agreement between her and the deceased’s family.

The Director of Public Prosecution was yet to receive the required documents sighting details on how the settlement was to be done.

Through Senior state counsel Vivian Kambuga the case would only be dropped after revision of the agreement between the accused and the deceased’s family

This comes just days after her bid to move the case from the high court to the magistrate’s court was declined.

According to her defense lawyer, the prosecution violated Jumwa’s rights by taking the case to the High Court.

The High court is the first step of appeal if the lower court’s ruling is not satisfactory.

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With this Jumwa’s case stands a chance to appeal to a higher court.

However, this move was declined by the High court and her co-accused Otieno opposed it. It was termed as a delay tactic to the trial.

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