Willy Paul reveals how sexual accusations scandal led him to depression

Willy Paul
The Kenyan artist Willy Paul has admitted that he suffered from depression after being falsely accused of sexual assault in the past
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The Kenyan artist Willy Paul has admitted that he suffered from depression after being falsely accused of sexual assault in the past, which cost him a lot of professional opportunities.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

The former gospel singer claimed in a recent interview that he had been going through a difficult time that had led to his depression.

“I was depressed for some time. Even at the moment, I’m still working on it. I’m still going through something, but I’m working on it, and it will all be okay,” he said.
However, he expressed his appreciation for how his life has changed when things began to look brighter for him.

“God made a way for me. I had reached my limit and hit the wall but God made a way for me because everything that I had lost at the time came back,” he said.

Willy Paul made news last year after being accused of sexual assault by Miss P and Diana B, the wife of musician Bahati, who also accused him of being exploitative in an interview.

Willy Paul would appear in court and obtain a ruling ordering the removal of the popular video interview. Later, the singer responded to the allegations of sexual assault.

“A few months ago, a lady whom I deeply loved claimed that I sexually assaulted her because of the differences we had regarding some work we’re doing together at the studio. That was the first stone that managed to break my thick skin. I felt betrayed I suffered depression and I am still under medication. I feel vulnerable. The matter is active in court and I cannot comment on it any further.”

Diana Marua later accused the singer of trying to rape her, saying that he had kidnapped her, put her in his car, handcuffed and choked her, and then sexually assaulted her.

According to Willy Paul, these claims damaged his reputation and artistic integrity, which had a knock-on effect on his career, which he claimed began to deteriorate after the allegations.

However, the contentious musician now seems willing to move past all those incidents. He recently launched his own matatu business to get things moving.

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The musician posted a picture of his new van with the following caption on Instagram: “Swipe to see my new van… my new business. To God be the Glory… its open for hire… classy thing fam… contact @saldido_international for hire.”

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