Willis Raburu- I still visit therapy to get over my ex-wife

Willis Raburu- I still visit therapy to get over my ex-wife
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One year later, media personality Willis Raburu confirms that he needs to go to therapy to get over his divorce from Marya Prude.

The enthusiastic Citizen TV journalist however revealed that the death of their daughter was the catalyst for his divorce, which led to him losing touch with his marriage and thus forcing the separation.

“I lost touch and that led to many other issues, I initiated the process of divorce and all respect to her. Nobody goes into a marriage with hopes to come out. I am happy that sometimes we lost ourselves. We divorced officially and I moved on,” he narrated.

Willis asserts that his current wife, Ivy Namu, was supportive of him going to therapy because of their similar dark pasts, for triggers might re-exist.

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“There are still triggers but I have a conscious partner. She also had a dark past and also, and when you move in with a person who has gone through a divorce, you have to know that triggers may re-exist. My wife suggested I go for therapy for that,” he added.

In a previous interview, he expressed regret about separation, wishing that he had kept things private.

He does not, however, blame ill-informed netizens for his ex-relationship, as he accepts the consequences of him flaunting his lover on social media.

As reported by a local media outlet, he then urged media outlets and blogs to refer to him as a father of two whenever the number of his children is mentioned.

He stated that his daughter’s death prevented him from becoming a father of two. He claims that he has always been referred to as a new father or a father of one, which he believes is incorrect.

Willis Raburu with lover
Media personality Willis Raburu with wife Ivy Namu

He is also a soon-to-be father as he is expecting another child with his lover Ivy Namu.

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