Principal of Nyakasura School where boys wear skirts claims the unusual trend boosts male students’ confidence

Principal of Nyakasura School claims the uniform boosts confidence

The principal of Nyakasura School in Uganda, which amazed many with its unusual dress code, in which even male students wear skirts, has revealed the reason behind the dress code.

Frank Manyindo, as he is known, defended the uniform by claiming that it is not a skirt, as some have claimed, but rather kilts, which are traditional Scottish Highlands attire worn by men.

Nyakasura School

He further noted that the uniform is intended to boost male students’ confidence in addition to following Scottish culture.

“The attire builds confidence in boys hence brings out strong leaders; therefore, it has a unique identity,” he explained to Rwanda-based publisher Afrimax English.

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During a history of the school, the principal revealed that they are simply carrying on what the founder started.

According to the principal, Lieutenant-Commander Ernest William Eborhard Calwell, a Scottish missionary, founded the school in 1926.

The missionary desired that the entire Buganda Kingdom adopt Scottish culture, but the king refused, forcing him to flee the country.

He was then embraced in Nyakasura, where he established a school and encouraged the locals to practice Scottish culture.

Kilts are the only national costume in the British Isles that is worn on a regular basis rather than just for special occasions.

Despite being mocked by the community, he claims that the students adore their uniforms because they make them stand out.

“Every student considers the kilt is a normal attire, and nothing is funny anymore. The uniform collection includes; a kilt, belt, knee-socks and a cuff known as a kilt hose. In addition, the boys wear a red cloth on their legs known as the leg warmers,” he continued.

Apart from distinguishing itself from other schools through its attire, Nyakasura is also known for performing well in national examinations and having numerous trophies in co-curricular Activities.

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