Njugu, avocado, amongst Shornarwa curvy hips recipe

Shornarwa curvy hips

Kenyan influencer popular as Shornarwa is taking heed of women who want curvaceous bodies.


Sharing pictures of her current body, the content creator’s visible curves drew the attention of a number of fans who knew her before her “new body.”

An old photo of Shornarwa before current body. Image; courtesy

Shornarwa then gave a list of things she believes when put together, helped her develop hips, and recommends to other women who want to enhance their curves.

“Siaga njugu, avocado, banana, and yoghurt pamoja,kunywa mara mbili kwa siku na hips zitamwagika kumwagika,” disclosed Shorn.

Current photo of Shornarwa

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She then added that, while the mixture aids in the development of hips, it does have one side effect: belly fat.

“Shida sasa ni tumbo wadau,” she added.

Her post, however, drew criticism from those who claimed she must have fabricated the hips.

Other fans complimented her beauty and thanked her for the advice.

Some netizens, on the other hand, questioned whether the products she mentioned would actually aid in hip development.

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