Kindiki explains why the Presidential results were rushed


Kithure Kindiki has explained why Chebukati rushed to release the Presidential results that saw Ruto named the President-elect.


He proposed that even if Chebukati used the extra day that was remaining, nothing much would have changed as four other commissioners had disputed the results.

IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati.

The lawyer further explained that the chaos that flared out before the release of the Presidential results explains the rush to announce the results.

“The results could not be announced the following day because, by that time, there was no more time for debating among the commissioners as the four had walked out.

“Commissioners were injured and Chebukati had to make the announcement,” he stated.

Ruto’s legal team had been asked to explain whether it was right for Chebukati to release the presidential results in a rush.

Justice Isaac Lenaola had inquired why the Commission chairperson was determined to announce the President-elect on August 15 despite a 24-hour window.

Regarding the motive of four National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) officials who visited Chebukati hours before the results were announced, Kindiki stated that they believed that the high-ranking government officials wanted Chebukati to alter the results.

He claimed that the team of four from the security council knew the outcome of the polls at the time they visited the commissioners at Bomas.

“All factors point to the conclusion that the four, by the time went to Bomas, they knew the results. By the morning of August 1, letters had been issued to the candidates to be at Bomas for the declaration.

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“Ruto received that letter early that day. The four went there for no other reason than to alter the results that had been verified,” he stated 

Finally, in response to the question raised over the significance of the disputing four commissioners on the election declaration, Kindiki was of the view that their actions were insignificant as Kenyans had already decided on their leaders.

He concluded that the decision of the four could not withdraw the decision of millions of Kenyans.

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“Can the walking away of the commissioners be the veto to overturn the will of the people?” he queried.


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