General Badi: Nairobi job is one of the most difficult tasks I have handled

General Badi

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General, Badi Mohammed, has given a sneak peek into the task of managing Nairobi calling it a heavy burdening task than he ever expected.


During his speech offer at the Indian High Commission, Saturday, September 17, Badi stated that it was quite easier leading an army during the war than it was leading Nairobi.

The military man compares some of his encounters during the Sierra Leone peace mission in the early 2000s as easier dealing with than the Nairobi management challenges he faced during his tenure.

“It’s one of the most difficult tasks I have ever been given as compared to the Sierra Leone Peacekeeping Mission. The job has been challenging, especially if you are a military man and you are given a political position. From day one, you start fighting with politicians and those who think they ‘own’ the city and up to now the fight is over,” he said.

Based on his revelations, former President Uhuru Kenyatta had entrusted Nairobi to him in demand for retaining order as he would impose some of the military strategies in working.

A role he however accepts was played fully as he sought to appease his leader and evade failure in his duties despite the challenges faced in the action. Some he cited were politically inclined and self-interest of some people.

“President Kenyatta reminded me that I am a military person and all he wants to see is running water and a hospital in the slums in order to curb the pandemic. I recounted to the staff of my time in India, where I saw a wall being built within 12 hours and told them that they had 90 days to accomplish those tasks,” he narrated.

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The NMS Boss has admitted that running the Capital City is indeed a huge task citing some relief as he handed it over to the Governor of the City Johnson Sakaja.

Sakaja in turn has promised a city of Order and Dignity as he delves into his role of making sure the city is run well. The Governor had also hinted at retaining the NMS within the county as a department of the County government.


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