Francis Atwoli: Ruto’s Political Skills Are Outstanding

Francis Atwoli speaks on Ruto's Political skills
COTU Boss Francis Atwoli says that Ruto's political skills and campaign strategies earned him the win in the August General Elections

One of the biggest critics of President-Elect William Ruto during his campaign trails around Kenya as the nation prepared for the August General Elections, Francis Atwoli, caught Kenyans by surprise when he admitted that Ruto outsmarted him and his team.

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, during an event in Western Kenya, on September 9, revealed that the Azimio team focused on old tactics.

“I had told Kenyans to get used to the voice of Raila as their president but I never knew that I would come back and tell people to get used to the voice of Ruto. Can’t you see that is the work of God?” said Atwoli.

Citing that Ruto’s win was based on new innovative counter strategies and tactics he hatched hence having a better campaign as compared to Azimio.

“We went to sleep thinking that we had won. We were politicking in the old way and people would shout at us and we thought that they were with us. On the other hand, Ruto had the political skills and he outsmarted us,” he said.

Accepting that President-elect William Ruto indeed did win the Election, the COTU boss called on the people and Azimio supporters to accept and move on.

As he passed his message of congratulations to the Kenya Kwanza leader, he also urged him to unify the country more as he fosters development within the 47 counties.

“Right now, the father of the nation is Ruto and we must accept him so that the country can be successful and peaceful. You can see that he walked with our brothers like Wetang’ula and he will help our people. That is the work of God and we must accept it. Even in the Trade Union, we have congratulated him,” he added.

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