Five Benefits to having a Court Wedding in Kenya

wedding court in kenya
Without having to go through a church or other religious ceremony, two persons can legally get married through a court wedding.
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You may have noticed that while having a lavish wedding has a number of drawbacks, getting married in court has a number of benefits.

Below are reasons why some prefer court weddings

No dress code is specified at court weddings
What to wear can be one of the most expensive and difficult decisions while getting married! You can feel more at ease wearing something other than a white gown when getting married in a courtroom.

Since there are no particular clothing requirements, potential couples are free to dress whatever they choose. There are outfits of every color, shape, and style, and you even have the option to purchase an outfit that you can wear repeatedly.

Court weddings are less demanding.
Court marriages can be simple affairs, which is one of their key advantages. It can be stressful to arrange a large wedding with a vast guest list, especially if you feel pressure to please everyone.

A court wedding just requires a small number of close family members and friends to attend, and following the registry session, you can go elsewhere for a modest reception.

Alternatively, you might splash out on a lavish reception with the money you save, or you could use it to start your new life together. A courthouse wedding can actually save you a ton of headaches!

court wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Blessed signing their marriage certificate/ IG:@mercychinwo

They reduce costs
Getting married in a courtroom can prove to be one of the smartest financial decisions you’ll ever make if an elaborate wedding seems to demand your time or your budget.

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Even on a microscale, registering a marriage in court only costs a fee of Ksh14,200 as opposed to the cost of a traditional wedding. You’ll have a lot more alternatives to keep the cost of the event down.

However, even if you cut back on your spending, you and your partner will still be legally recognized as “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

It offers legal protection
While being married is a lovely occasion, your marriage also has a serious side.

A court wedding provides legal protection for both the man and woman, but primarily the lady, much like a licensed church or licensed office wedding. Even though you might enter into marriage hoping for the best, things can occasionally go wrong.

If things don’t work out, having the legal stability of a court wedding could prove to be a lifesaver. For instance, being legally married shields you from the crime of bigamy, which carries a five-year prison sentence. Therefore, before getting married to someone else, your partner needs to acquire a divorce.

Court marriage is quick
When you leave a lengthy wedding ceremony, do you ever think that it could have been just as great but shorter? Courthouse weddings are quick affairs that can be over in about 30 minutes if lengthy rituals aren’t your style.

Court weddings are shorter than church or traditional weddings because there aren’t any lengthy sermons or music, which also means that you can cross off a few more things from your wedding to-do list. Isn’t that incredible?

You’ll have more energy for your reception, where you may celebrate your wedding day with your loved ones, rather than the formal portion of the event, thanks to all the time you’ll have saved.

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