Eric Omondi’s lover reveals she’s 19 years younger than the comedian

Eric Omondi with girlfriend
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Eric Omondi’s lover, Lynne, has confirmed to Kenyans that age is nothing but a number when it comes to relationships.

With her being 21 years old, the Veteran comedian has exceeded her by 19 years, as he celebrated his fortieth birthday this year.

Eric Omondi's girlfriend
Eric Omondi’s lover, Lynne. Photo; courtesy

Engaging her fans in a Q&A session on Instagram, the upcoming socialite revealed that she completed her high school studies at the age of 16 after a fan inquired how she managed to achieve so much at her age.

“You are 21 and already through with college, how?” inquired a fan.

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“I finished high school at 16,” she responded.

Rumors of the couple’s heated romance began last year before the pair confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship.

To commemorate his fortieth birthday, the father of one gifted the beauty model a gorgeous blue Toyota Vitz.

Eric, who is 40 and hasn’t married yet, advised aspiring musicians to follow suit.

According to the self-declared president of comedy in Africa, most performers prioritize their relationships over their careers.

The former Churchill Show comedian claimed that he has had similar situations in the past that almost destroyed his career.

“Msanii ambaye hajafika malengo yake siwezi kuuambia mwanamuziki ama mcheheshaji ama msanii wowote ambaye hajatimiza lengo lake awachane na ndoa,

“I’m speaking from experience I’m speaking from what I’ve seen,” Eric said.

Eric has advised well-known artists to avoid putting too much emphasis on their love lives.

He claimed to have witnessed well-known artists fail as a result of getting married and neglecting their careers.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

“Lakini usanii I keep saying but people don’t understand me. I have seen many artists wakididimia because of marriage. I would mention but I won’t. I have seen many artists wakiisha because of relationships,

“Nimeona wasanii wengi wakipotea sababu ya mapenzi. Relationships need communication and commitment responsibility and accountability,” the comedian said.

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