Zuchu says she is Single and denies dating Diamond


Zuchu, a top female signee with WCB Wasafi, has said that she is as single as a dollar note. She is not dating Diamond Platnumz or anyone else at all.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz

This comes after dating rumors about Zuchu, and her boss Diamond began to circulate soon after they collaborated for the first time.
When they traveled to Paris together, they also caused a stir.

However once Diamond visited South Africa and was caught on camera dancing suggestively with his baby mama Zari Hassan, the controversy subsided.

The Naanzaje hitmaker later stated in the media that he is not prepared to get married because, in his opinion, it destroys a musician’s career.
Zuchu appears to be unmarried and open to dating in any case.

The Mwambieni hitmaker claimed she went to Paris as an artist to learn from Diamond’s extended tour in a recent interview on Wasafi Media.

“Simba always travels with his artistes. When he was in Nigeria he went with Mbosso. Why did you not say anything about that?” Zuchu defended herself.

“I went to Paris just as an artist. My main aim was to go and learn and experience the process of the tour by Diamond. I was privy to all his sessions and all the preparations.” she said.

“So it’s not really necessarily about love or starting a relationship with Diamond but getting to learn from that experience. If you look at his track record, he travels a lot with his artistes, it is nothing new.” Zuchu said.

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When questioned about the cute pictures of her and Diamond on lunch dates, shopping outings, and holding hands in the streets of Paris, Zuchu disproved any notions of a budding romance.

“There is nothing. For real, nothing at all, he’s just my boss.”
When asked if she had already found the man of her dreams, she said “Not yet”.

She continued by describing the kind of husband she hoped to have. “I do not have a type. That’s the thing about me. I don’t have a type. As long as you’re a good person to me, you can be with me.”

She went on, “Someone who is generous and hospitable. Someone who will be nice to me and will help me grow.”

However, she claimed that Diamond acts as a mentor to her. “He has my back, he has helped me a lot. Diamond is my mentor. To me, he is like a brother. He provides like a father, I have never lacked anything that I have ever needed.”

In another statement, Diamond, in response to Zuchu’s single status said “Sina Maoni.”


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