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I will get married when I’m about to Retire-Diamond Platnuzm

Diamond claims that getting married will lead to the end of his professional life. There are now mixed reactions concerning Diamond's statement.

Diamond claims that getting married will lead to the end of his professional life. There are now mixed reactions to the news that Diamond has revealed the timing of his wedding, which has gone viral on social media platforms.

Bonga star Diamond Platnuzm

Many people have come out to defend Diamond’s statements that marriage destroys careers, while others have urged him to continue putting East Africa on the musical map in the same way that he does.

Diamond stated that he had no immediate plans to settle down in an interview with Josey Mahachi. As a result of his investment in more music ventures, the singer claimed that settling down is the cause of unsuccessful careers.

“What do you mean settling down. I have settled down… I still wanna give good music,” he said.

Diamond continued his testimony by saying that he had seen many of his friends fall apart after getting married, a step he decided to put off for himself.

“I have seen many of my friends destructed from giving good music because of settling down,” said the singer.
The Gere hitmaker made the satirical claim that wedding bells will ring as he approaches his musical retirement.
“The time I’m about to retire, I’ll get married…I’m joking. If God wishes, even tomorrow, maybe I will get married …” Platnumz said.

In reference to children, Diamond said that he keeps track of every one of them and posts them on his social media accounts in case someone wanted further information.

When questioned about having children out of wedlock while on tour, Chibu, refuted such behavior, saying that there has to be more than just a one-night stand connection for him to have children with someone.

“I have never had a kid with someone I didn’t want to or a mistake may be…. but even if it happens that way, it should be a person that we spend time together for a while,” He said.

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