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Sina maoni voter, Mkate man, Towel man make Githeri man proud


Kenyans never disappoint during the Election, as we were greeted with “Sina Maoni,” Mkate Man, Arap Marindich, and Towel Man among other ridiculously funny acts.


Internet sensation, “Githeri Man,” had many Kenyans on the lookout for a predecessor to pick up the mantle for this election.

Kenyans, despite the chilly, morning weather on Tuesday, August 9, were on site and ready to exercise their democratic right. Citizen TV’s, Chemutai Goin was one of them, bracing the chilly morning, gathering citizens’ opinions on suggestions of postponing the polls citing insecurities.

A man from Uasin Gishu county, with outstanding expressions, was sensational and touched the heart of Kenyans by creating a light moment when he responded: “kulingana na mimi sina maoni. Sina maoni kabisa.” 

His response left Goin and those in line next to him in laughter. The interview took rounds on social media, as KOT responded:

The chilly weather had Mkate Man standing out as he was single-handedly combatting the cold, wolfing down a loaf of bread with no tea or drink accompanying it. If this doesn’t take you back to your high school days where bread was a piece of heaven on earth, I don’t know what will.

Global internet sensation, Arap Marindich, the Kenyan ‘Rally driver’ who warmed hearts across continents, after his 1-minute clip impersonation of a rally driver was not left behind. As seen in memes, he was in character, fully equipped in his ‘rally driver’ gear, dusty face (as if he came straight from Naivasha) and ready to cast his vote.

Towel Man or rather Towel Men, were characters, whose pictures were doing rounds on social media after heading to the polling stations still in towels as if they rushed out of the bathroom to vote. One had a brown towel while the other had a pink towel tied to his waist. Whether just for clout or in actual urgency to vote, they left us all speechless.

At another Kenyan polling station, a woman had strapped a teddy bear on her back, like a baby while queuing to vote. We’ve got to hand it to the lady, we all dread long queues, but this was probably the worst attempt if the teddy bear was purposed to skip the line as a  real baby and its carer would. Her obvious failed attempt got her in line with the rest of the voters. We give her a thumbs up for trying.

We do commend Kenyans for trying to lighten the mood, but some were cringe-worthy. We absolutely loved the naturals and were entertained as we await the presidential results.  #Switch4Peace


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