You people are liars, now my bank account reads zero – Mbeu MCA aspirant in tears

You people are liars, now my bank account reads zero- Mbeu MCA aspirant in tears

Aspiring Mbeu Ward MCA Festus Kithinji hasn’t taken losing the seat lightly; in a tear-jerking video posted online, he expresses his sorrow for interacting with Mbeu residents.

In the three and a half minutes video that he intended to move his audience with, Festus shares that he started his political path three years ago and has been ruthlessly saving money for it, including his HELB since college.

Mbeu MCA aspirant in tears

“About three years ago, I started a political journey that is in Mbeu Ward vying for MCA. The start was very well and even the heading, but people are not good. People of Mbeu, I really did my best, but you people, are ungrateful.

“Ama sijui siasa ni mbaya basi. Because I’ve utilized all my resources. I’ve been saving, even my HELB since I was in campus. Saving for this election,” expressed Festus.

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Festus asserts that he was nearly elected, but that circumstances changed at the last minute, giving the impression that his opponent may have tainted the entire process and caused him to lose.

“I was leading from the opinion polls. But lastly, last minute, you just decided to give somebody because of money, in the last minute. That’s very unfair to me. As I stand here my account reads zero, zero!

“Eh! I put all my efforts there thinking you’re giving me this. And you people are liars. Why did you lie to me? Telling me, calling me mheshimiwa yet you knew you’ll never give me your votes,” he continued.

Stressing that people used his resources, he claims some are still calling him for financial aid, even after he lost the seat.

“You used to call me in your harambees. Oh mtoto wangu anaenda shule, Oh nini nini. I’ve done a lot for you people. Until even some polling stations have not secured even a single vote, why? And if you see that village, I’ve done a lot.

“I need a break. And even up to now they’re some people texting me and calling me, Oh, “nitumie 50, nitumie soo moja I voted for you.” Where? Ah you people. Siasa ni mbaya. I really feel disappointed and heartbroken,” he sadly narrated as tears welled up in his eyes.

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