Ruto: We will Eliminate Ethnicity from Leadership in Kenya

Ruto William
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Kenya’s President-Elect William Ruto today hosted Kenya Kwanza Elect leaders in his Karen home to congratulate and address them following their victory in the August 9 General Election.

Ruto who was gazetted as the duly-elected President by IEBC on Tuesday, August 16, took the opportunity to urge leaders present to now focus on delivering the promises they gave Kenyans.

He told elected leaders present they had no time to waste and would need to strive to prove voters right in picking them to lead the country.

Ruto assured that his government would be all-inclusive and that no sector in Kenya would be left behind in pushing the government forward.

“There will be no room for exclusion in any part of the Republic of Kenya. We are going to govern in a manner that makes sure no part of Kenya is left behind, no sector is left behind, no part of Kenya is left behind, and no community is left behind,” Ruto said.

“We are going to move together as a nation because the people of Kenya are already telling us we need to change the politics of our nation and eliminate ethnicity from the equation of the leadership of governance in the nation,” said Ruto.

Ruto singled out the public service as an important tool in the delivery of his government’s services and asked all public servants to be professional and serve Kenyans equally without any preference for communities or political affiliations.

The president-elect said under his administration, public servants would be safe but would be expected to put politics aside and focus on their offices.

“I am asking all public servants who have been forced to take public positions in the just-concluded General Elections to step back and be professional public servants and serve all Kenyans equally,” said Ruto.

“Public servants all the way from the chiefs to their assistants; we will be expecting them to serve people equally without favouring people on the basis of their political affiliation,” he noted. 

“Political business will be carried out by political actors. Political parties must organise themselves and their structures. Members of the public service will not be available to carry out political work for any political party. It is the only way we can have a government that delivers,” Ruto observed.

Ruto’s vision for Kenya Kwanza also included amending standing orders that prevented the people’s representatives from summoning cabinet secretaries and interrogating them on government activities.

“It has not been possible for Cabinet Secretaries to be questioned by the legislature and we are going to have a discussion so we can adjust and amend the standing orders to make it possible for Cabinet Sectaries to get to the floor of the house and answer questions, to explain government policy so that the people’s representatives can interrogate what their government is doing,” Ruto said.

“We will be running a democratic, transparent but accountable government,” Ruto assured.

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