Ruth Matete wants another child: Someone find me we do this thing tumalize

Ruth Matete is desperate for another child- Someone find me we do this thing tumalize

2012 Tusker project fame winner, Ruth Matete, is yearning to have another sibling for her daughter Tolu.

The singer, who appears to be in the market, made a request on her Instagram page for either a partner to assist her in the baby-making process or a medical procedure that can provide double the blessings.

Singer Ruth Matete
Gospel artist Ruth Matete, Source; Instagram

“In three year’s time, I will be 40. Wueh!! Na bado nataka nipatie Tolu brother na sister. Someone needs to find me we do this thing tumalize. Ama kuna a medical procedure to help me get twins? I would wish to finish that chapter by 40,

“Inawezekana ama am watching a lot of movies? Meet. Fall in love. Date. Engagement. Wedding. Pregnant. Babies,” disclosed Ruth.

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The mother of one, who was in the depths of despair in 2020 after losing her Nigerian husband three months after their wedding, appears to be ready to move on.

Her father, actor Abel Amunga, on the other hand, revealed why he is only a father of one, during an Interview with Switch media.

Just like Ruth Matete, singer Akothee opted for artificial insemination in early July, due to her advanced age and baby fever.

“I have something for kids. I miss something and I don’t want to get pregnant at 45. Since looks like a partner won’t be possible soon, I will be going for Artificial insemination here in France. So when you see me pregnant don’t ask me who the father is. All I want is my own baby with No drama,” Akothee remarked.

The “Sweet love” hitmaker however revealed her split with manager turned boyfriend Nelly Oaks in April of this year, which had been widely speculated.

After years of dating on and off, the singer resorted to social media, explaining that she had been dumped.

“Nimeaachwa imagine I am single again. Hii relationship usichukulie personal. Do you remember when I told you I am taken! Well till death do us part just parked and left! I am single again guys the road to relationship is always under construction,”
said Akothee.

Months later, the singer reversed her split declaration, stating she was the one who dumped Nelly in December 2021.

“That’s one of the jokes that nimeachwa but actually I had walked out of the relationship back in December. Am single,” she said during an Interview with Presenter Ali.

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