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Raila Leads Ruto in Latest IPSOS Poll

Raila Leads Ruto in latest polls

Azimio presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, has increased the gap between him and his closest opponent Kenya Kwanza candidate, William Ruto, as per the latest polls released by IPSOS.


With just six days left to the Polls, Raila has taken the lead with 47 percent against Ruto’s 41 percent, while Roots party candidate George Wajackoyah is at 2.9 percent and Agano presidential candidate Mwaure at 0.2 percent.

Ruto enjoys a larger percentage over Raila Odinga in some regions including the Rift Valley region and Mount Kenya region, where he enjoys 66 percent.

The Azimio candidate is seen to have a bigger following among the people in urban centres as compared to the rural areas. Raila has 51 percent of support in urban places whereas Ruto’s bulk of the support is from rural areas as he garners 45 percent.

Despite Raila’s popularity, some voters consider his age a liability and may not vote for him solely because of this.

According to IPSOS, those who opted not to vote for Raila argued that it’s for the age factor while those who said they would vote for Ruto pointed out a plan he has for Kenya and Kenyans.

Moreover, those who took a stand against voting for Ruto seemed to mainly question his integrity.

Meanwhile, the Roots Party and Agano party, IPSOS commented that their popularity is quite low due to their manifestos and popularity.

Since most are not aware of the manifesto from the Agano party they are not even aware of the candidate. As for George Wajackoyah, a majority opted to not vote for him due to the marijuana agenda in his manifesto.


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