Ruto: My battle with Odinga is more spiritual than political

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A week before the general election, Deputy President William Ruto unleashed spiritual warfare against his main political opponent, Azimio’s presidential candidate, Raila Odinga.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential candidate contended that his battle with Odinga is more spiritual than political.

Kenya Kwanza Presidential Candidate William Ruto during a prayer service in his Karen Residence, Nairobi on Tuesday, August 2. Source: Facebook

Ruto, on countless occasions, has said he is up against the “deep state,” given that Odinga has been endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

His emotions towards the August 9 battle were evident on Tuesday, August 2, when a video showing him sobbing during a prayer service at his official residence in Karen, Nairobi, went viral.

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Later in the service, the DP warned Kenyans not to vote for the wrong leaders.

“If you don’t show up to vote, you should not complain when the wrong people are elected.”

“This election is more of a spiritual battle than a political battle, and that is why we have all manner of things that are going on today,” Ruto said.

Ruto said some people are planning to disrupt the election and called for peace across the country during the electioneering period.

“We are calling for all Kenyans to pray for peace because we want to cast our votes in peace and let God’s will reign,” Ruto said.

Ruto reiterated that some people are planning to disrupt the election and called for peace throughout the country during the campaign period.

At previous campaign rallies, Ruto launched unrestrained attacks on President Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga, alluding to the fact that Kenyatta is an ungrateful person.

He has also urged Kenyans not to be subjugated by threats from the so-called deep state, which he claims is hell-bent on preventing him from succeeding President Kenyatta.

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