PS Kibicho: We Shall do our work as Security agency

PS Karanja Kibicho
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Interior Principal Secretary, Karanja Kibicho, said they shall ensure that there is enough security in place across the whole country, as far as the Election is concerned.

In a special interview with one of the local media outlets, Citizen TV on Thursday, August 4, Kibicho warned lawmakers not to interfere with the National Government Administration (NGAO) and allowed them to execute its function as the custodian of national security.

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho
Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho. PHOTO/COURTESY

“We have seen our chiefs being harassed on social media by everybody which is a shame for the country. We must allow the government officers to do their work and we shall do our work.”

“Our work is to ensure that there is security around this election and that all Kenyans are secure,” the PS said.

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Kibicho raised concern about reports he received of individuals fleeing their homes in fear of any chaos that may ensue during the election.

In this regard, Kibicho pledged to provide robust security to safeguard every Kenyan wherever they may be.

“We have heard that there are Kenyans who are starting to flee their homes. It is our work to ensure that those Kenyans enjoy rights that everyone is entitled to enjoy in this country,” he added.

Kibicho further said that persons convicted in the Rift Valley of circulating inflammatory pamphlets will face serious consequences.

He said the suspects were currently assisting the detectives in completing their probe against the syndicate’s perpetrators.

“They cannot escape from this and I can assure Kenyans that the people who are in custody are helping us with the investigation,” he said.

Kibicho retaliated against Deputy President William Ruto in response to the claim that security personnel were being used to propagate hate speech in the Rift Valley and to rig the results of the August 9 Election.

He refuted the allegations made by the Kenya Kwanza coalition that the dissemination of information and deployment of chiefs is part of a plot to undermine DP William Ruto’s campaign and support his rival, Raila Odinga.

“We are mandated to ensure that we provide security to Kenyans across this country, what motivation will the government have for causing panic to Kenyans, for what achievement?”

“How do you fix an Election in favour of Raila Odinga by spreading leaflets? how do the numbers add?” he said.

According to Kenya Kwanza, the chiefs’ deployment was part of an election rigging scheme.

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