My Dad gave me my first sip of Alcohol-Betty Kyallo

According to media personality Betty Kyallo, her father Wilfred Kyallo introduced her to alcohol. On her reality show betty talked about having her first sip
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Media personality Betty Kyallo, says her father Wilfred Kyallo introduced her to alcohol. The mother of one talked about having her first sip on her reality show Kyallo Kulture.

Betty Kyallo

“My dad gave me my first sip of alcohol. We have a cordial relationship,” she said.

Betty had not spoken much about her father to her fans up until now, most people only knew of her mother, Julia Ngii, who she has frequently posted or mentioned for some time now.

Her parents divorced when she was still a young child, and life was not easy, the former K24 news anchor admitted to a local publication back in 2017.

“There’s a time when my mum and dad separated for some time and so my mum was basically taking care of us and therefore it was really hard… but anyway you rise above that,” she said.

In an interview, Betty’s sister Mercy Kyallo also discussed their parents’ divorce, stating that her parents split up when she was just 10 years old.

“My dad went abroad to look for greener pastures. That is when they parted, we struggled for a while but I thank God because He sustained us. My dad is still alive and I still talk to him despite him and my mum breaking up.” Mercy said.

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Betty revealed how her mother experienced financial hardship following her divorce from their father on her reality show.

“My mum was devastated and for some time, we were struggling, not eating the best meals at dinner, like we used to eat pumpkin and strong tea at night,” Betty said.

In the reality show, Kyallo Kulture, Betty also discussed how she had been hurt too many times to think any relationship is long-lasting.

“If I am dating someone right now, I would be like, for today we are okay,” she said.
The mother of one claimed that although her prior relationship was happy, it did not last.

“I don’t mourn a relationship. I move on very fast,” she said. “I shower quick and start again. I will go to my phone book and check, what was this other guy saying three months ago, and be like, ‘I dialled your number by mistake….’ I don’t mourn about relationships.”

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