Let’s meet in court to prove your victory: Lee Kinyanjui tells Susan Kihika

Lee Kinyanjui,Nakuru Governor

The Nakuru County incumbent Governor Lee Kinyanjui has rejected the gubernatorial results that declared Susan Kihika the winner.

While addressing members of the fourth estate in Nakuru county on Saturday, Lee questioned the voting pattern in some polling stations where the number of votes was similar.

“We are currently engaging with our legal and other technical teams including ICT to determine the validity of the gubernatorial results which we feel doesn’t reflect the voice of the people of Nakuru county.” he said.

Lee further added that the number of votes for each seat did not tally with the final figures, wondering how some people only voted for one person.

“Wanjiku votes and our responsibility is only to count what she has voted, we have no business manipulating what she has voted. Our conclusion is that the integrity of the process cannot be guaranteed and the outcomes do not reflect what Wanjiku did.”

Lee pointed an accusing finger at IEBC for the errors in the results which cost him and others the seats.

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