Justina Wamae Calls Out Wajackoyah for Pettiness

Justina wamae calls out Wajackoyah for being petty
Justina Wamae has called out her party boss for acting petty and unworthy of her response citing the call for her disciplinary action meeting
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Roots Party presidential running mate, Justina Wamae responds to a call for her disciplinary action from the party boss through their legal Director Washika Wachira who served her a demand letter seeking answers.

Justina Wamae has called out her party boss as acting petty and unworthy of her response to such acts, further urging the party head to go ahead and take action he might deem most appropriate.

Remarking that she won’t be glued to a particular political party stating her readiness to move on at any particular time, turning down his allegations of providing for her some payment.

“But on the non-existent accommodation and car you imagined you assisted me with, you can withdraw in your dreams. It is your party, do what you deem fit, I will soldier on,” Wamae reiterated.

In the letter, the party’s running mate was accused of giving statements that placed the party’s political stand in question as she associates with political rivals, especially after her congratulatory message to president-elect William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua.

“You have associated yourself with our opponents and advocated for their ideologies. Due to your misrepresentation of the party’s stand, it has differed public ridicule and disrepute,” the lawyer stated.

Roots Party has directed Wamae to desist from offering utterances and statements that tend to display the party’s stand or will be held accountable.

“Failure to stop the misrepresentation and irresponsible utterances, we have instructions to institute a legal action against you without further notice to you, to your peril as to cost and consequences,” the demand letter read in part.

The looming trouble has erupted after the declaration of the President-elect that saw a petition filed by Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his deputy Martha Karua disputing the results.

Justina wamae revealed that she had advised her party boss George Wajackoyah from filing a petition citing that their failure was due to disorganization within the party.

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