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Bien Aime
Sauti Sol musician, Bien Aime has claimed that despite not being able to release all of his songs he makes to write songs every day
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Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime has claimed that despite not being able to release all of his songs, he still makes sure he puts his talent to good use by writing songs every day.

In an interview with Spum Buzz, Bien revealed he was mostly inspired to write songs by what he observed around him.

“I can’t really count, I write songs every day, just for myself though you know it’s not because I’m putting all this song out, but every day I have to taste my gift,” he stated.

Bien recalled how he used to make up stories in his head for fun in his childhood; itt was the genesis of his creativity after all.

Bien Aime
Bien Aime

“…I don’t even try anymore like when I’m walking around I’m thinking of songs in my head you know, I’m thinking of hooks uh, I’m getting inspired by everything I’m seeing around me and I’m just writing songs in my head, I think I’ve always ended up from the time I was a kid, I always made stuff up in my head,” Bien said.

When asked about the music industry’s potential, Bien said he believed it was worth a fortune if mediocrity wasn’t tolerated.

“I think Kenya has a culture of elevating and celebrating mediocrity in many things that we do and it just shows who we are in nature. It shows in me and it shows in you, we need to get out of that, we need to catch ourselves and raise ourselves into a standard where we are just not allowing some things to happen,” Bien said.

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