Elon Musk buying Man United had fans celebrating for a moment there

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Tesla co-founder and CEO billionaire, Elon Musk, gave false hope to a large majority of Manchester United fans after tweeting that he would buy the Premier League club on Tuesday, August 16.

Fans have been calling on the owners, the Glazer family, to sell the club, having lost confidence in the helm as the club’s condition has continued to deteriorate in the last few seasons

Some fans have pegged all their woes and misfortune on their American club owners and clearly felt Musk, the world’s wealthiest man, could save them.

Elon Musk, a self-confessed Man United fan, sent Old Trafford faithful into a frenzy on Twitter with many gladly welcoming the news he wanted to buy the club.

“To be clear, I support the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party! Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome,” Musk Tweeted.

After the tweet went viral, Musk then included a thread saying he was only joking, to the lamentation of many Man United fans seeking new ownership and change.

Musk is known to make irreverent tweets with obscure and sometimes subliminal meanings and it was equally not surprising when he later tweeted he was only joking.

“Are you serious?” one of the replies from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley read.

 “No,” Musk tweeted back. “This is a long-running joke on Twitter. I’m not buying any sports teams,” he said.

Manchester United has seen better days on and off the pitch, with the club breaking records for all the wrong reasons including their recent 4-0 defeat to Brentford in the Premier League.

And why wouldn’t they take the billionaire seriously when Chelsea’s new American owner Todd Boehly, took his seat in the director’s box at Stamford Bridge the other day after a £4.25bn purchase?

Manchester United supporters have had their optimism recently fuelled by rumours that the club owner may be willing to sell the club for $6 billion.

According to The Independent, a number of meetings between high-net-worth individuals and brokers since at least May, due to a growing feeling in industry circles that “the deal of the century could be on”.

It proves just how lucrative a Premier League club is albeit winning or losing.

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