Ruto: Edited Video of DP in Rally Stirs Questions

DP Ruto in edited video clip

Confusion has risen concerning the intention behind the spread of an allegedly edited clip of Deputy President Wiliam Ruto speaking in Uasin Gishu.


Hawkeyed Kenyans on Twitter pointed out the difference in the speech of the video making rounds on social media of the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate addressing the people.

The Deputy President called for peace as Kenya heads to the August Polls and reminded residents they belong to Uasin Gishu and it is their home irrespective of their ethnicity.

As of the original video clip, Ruto urged the people to know they are Kenyans no matter where they stay in the country.

Ruto cautioned those with plans of dividing the people in reference to the letters thrown randomly to elicit hatred among the people of several areas.

The widely shared edited video as shown below has instead stirred questions among the citizens.

Ruto’s speech editing has elicited controversy over the propaganda in play and the agenda being set for the people by orchestrating such a move as an alternating messages intended.

Most of the citizens have questioned the ill motive behind such an act since it’s an alteration of crucial part when DP was requesting citizens to maintain peace despite the outcome of the poll.

Making it seem like Ruto was sending threats and warnings to citizens. That made some Kenyans on Twitter call for need by the investigations team to come in.


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