5 Most Frequently Broken Laws

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You might not even be aware that you are breaking certain state and federal laws despite being a taxpayer, an honest person, and obeying traffic signals!
Check to see if you’ve broken any of the following laws. Some may result in penalties or possible prison time.

Using a rearview mirror to hang a mask or dice


Many states forbid hanging items like graduation tassels, masks, fuzzy dice, and air fresheners from rearview mirrors. The reason is that dangling stuff obstructs the driver’s view, creating a safety hazard.

In the entire city, littering is illegal, and the associated fines can be extremely high. However, a sizable number of people still appear to be doing it.

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When there are no authorities present, people drive quickly to get where they are headed. Most individuals even operate on the “common understanding” that exceeding the speed limit by a few miles won’t result in a ticket unless you’re in a strictly enforced area. Even so, it is still regarded as speeding, and we have all engaged in it.

Pirating music
This is unlawful since you are stealing from the artist the money they would have received from the sale. Despite anti-piracy regulations, there is still a lot of piracy online.
Most people do get away with these crimes since it is difficult to enforce the laws against them. However, be mindful of the risk because engaging in any of these behaviors could result in fines or jail time.

Photocopying a textbook
No set quantity of pages may be copied without breaking federal copyright regulations. The issue is more how you use the copyrighted text than how much of it you copy.

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